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Green Roof™

Green Roof™

Green Roof™ Foundations

Green roof is both a high-performance reservoir, storing rainwater and discharging it in a controlled manner, and a drainage system for extensive planting (light weight planting which requires minimal soil and maintenance). Using Green roof gives you an aesthetically pleasing look, cleaner air, as well as a higher insulative value for your building. Customize your design ideas by including Green roof in your green roof plans.


For roofs on residential buildings, industrial roofs and flat roofs

Green roof provides an improved thermal
and acoustic living environment, particularly in densely built-up areas. The thickness of the
structure also protects the roof construction and contributes to a more even temperature
in the living areas below.

For the roofs of underground and prefabricated car parks, carports & accent planting

Green roof is well suited for creating additional usable areas as part of Intensive planting (requires more soil and maintenance). Water impermeable surfaces such as those above underground car parks can be used as children’s  laygrounds, social gathering places, viewing gardens and more.


  • Roof tops
  • Shed roofs
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Underground car park roofs
  • Pitched roofs <25o

Green Roof Advantages

  • Is simultaneously a reservoir and drainage system
  • Provides a large storage volume with an even distribution of standing water
  • Delayed flow across the surface – high diffusion capability for long-term water runoff
  • Quick to connect to form a large surface unit
  • Accepts loads of up to around 204 kN/m2 (you can drive a Bobcat on it!)
  • Allows for both intensive and extensive planting
  • Can be installed pre-planted on both flat and pitched roofs (<25 degrees)
  • Extends roof lifespan
  • Reduces Heat Island Effect (so a cooler microclimate around your building)
  • Inexpensive maintenance - can be maintained in as little as 10 man-hours/year
  • Increase the biodiversity of your rooftop environs
  • Saves on utility bills (insulative value)
  • Reduced noise
  • Personal choice - you choose the plantings and design you want!


Panel size:  570 mm x 380 mm x 80 mm (22.4" x 15" x 3.2") 
Coverage:  ~2.3 sq. ft.  per panel
Water storage:  ~27 litres/m2
Forced drainage system: 277 slots per m2
Material:  Reprocessed HDPE
Hydraulic value:  q=2.8 l/s/m2
Load capacity:  204 kN/m2

Looking to do a small area?
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