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GD Geocell Surfaces

GD Geocell Surfaces

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Stabilizing and Protecting Infill from Erosion

When filled with granular materials, GD Geocell creates a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads. The cellular nature of GD Geocell enhances drainage and prevents build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

GD Geocell is ideal for Earth Retention, Slope Retention, Load Support & Water Channel Protection structures.

Long Lasting Structural Barriers That Are Easily Dismantled And Re-Used

The GD Geocell geo-synthetic cellular confinement system is a matrix of lightweight, expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips that are ultrasonically bonded to form a strong, dimensionally stable and inert honeycomb structure.

GD Geocell is suitable for the construction of temporary site access. Once operations are complete the installation can be removed or left in place if a sub-base confinement is required.


Earth Wall Retention and Slope Protection
GD Geocell can be used to retain infill in gravity retaining and free standing walls, embankments and barriers. The shear strength of the infill is enhanced by confining material within each cell. When installed in layers, GD Geocell forms an integrated structural mass resisting lateral pressure and movement. It is easily dismantled and may be subsequently re-used.

Load Support (Roadways, Verges, Railway Bases & Cart Paths)
The cell structure uniformly distributes high weight bearing loads and prevents the infill from being forced into the substrate below resulting in deformations and potholes.

Water Channel Protection
GD Geocell can be used for water channel and shoreline protection and on scour aprons, boat ramps and spillways. GD Geocell avoids the need to install costly load support structures.


  • Provides cost effective, long-term slope and channel protection and stabilization.
  • Ease in transportation and on-site handling due to collapsible cells.
  • Rapid and simple installation conforms to most terrain profiles.
  • Ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensures maximum strength.
  • Easily dismantled and subsequently re-used.
  • Withstands high weight bearing loads.
  • Resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil borne chemicals.

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