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CANA Pave™ Resin Bonded Gravel Surfaces

CANA Pave™ Resin Bonded Gravel Surfaces

CANA Pave™ - Resin Bonded Gravel Surfaces

New York's FDR Four Freedom's Park Public Walkway (surrounding the park's greenspace) is surfaced with Solepave.

This unique gravel paving systems is designed with two key elements: GD Gravel™ grid and ROMEX's gravel binding solutions. These patented binder is designed to bind the aggregate, glass or other product type together inside the GD Gravel™ grid.

The combination of the resin and grid creates a surface that is aesthetically pleasing, 100% porous, wheelchair accessible and allows for flexibility in design.

CANA Pave™ is for residential, public walking surfaces or light vedicular use with a resin bonded top layer (no grid visible).

CANA Pave™ Resin Bound Gravel Landscaping Solutions

Using local stone, glass or other products, you can create a surface that blends, conforms and integrates more cohesively into your landscape surface. Using the structurally stable honeycomb shaped grid (GD Gravel), filled with clean gravel and over-topped with resin-bound gravel, glass or other surface aggregates, you have a surface that is A.D.A., S.U.D.S. and LEED compliant, 100% porous and aesthetically flexible.

The Foundation - GD Gravel Grid

GD Gravel grid is a honeycomb shaped, injection molded, polypropylene grid that provides the structural base and compression capability for this aesthetically pleasing CANA Pave™ surface. 

Go to Green Driveway GD Gravel page for the various grid types available to choose from.

The Surface - Resin Bound Gravel

ROMEX's patented binders are designed to bind the aggregate, glass or other surface product together, within or over the plastic grid. These unique binders are UV resistant, solvent-free and clear. It can handle extreme weather conditions. Also offered in a non-UV resistant binder for applications where additional structural stability is required.


A durable and eco-friendly foundation solution for Public Walkways • Public Parks • Driveways (limited to 40 km/hr) • Patio Surfaces

Go to Green Driveway's GD Gravel page for the various grid types available to choose from.

CANA Pave™ Benefits

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Eco-friendly solution for erosion control, earth retention, slope protection and stability issues
  • U.V. stone surface finished top layer provides excellent resistance in aggressive environments
  • Long life at low maintenance costs (Cost Liability significantly reduced vs other products such as asphalt and concrete)
  • Excellent water drainage capability
  • Excellent acoustic dampening properties
  • Geotextile backing reduces weed growth potential
  • Used in SUDS and LEED compliant paving installations
  • Quick and easy to install: no specialist tools or training needed

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